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Better than Chocolate?


During our recent stay at the Marriott in Lima Peru we received these
little cuties on our pillow for the turn down service instead of chocolates.
The work in them was amazing.
Their clothes were actually hand woven and crochet trimmed. Weaving is a
local cottage industry here. Such a lot of work in such a tiny doll. Each
one had a tag attached describing their folklore.

Shiva Stick Workshop

Teaching Shiva Stick classes are such fun. These lovely bows were done by ladies in my Shiva Sticks-Beyond Rubbings which I taught in October at the Australian Machine Quilting Festival in Adelaide in which we crammed as many different exercises into a full day as we could. Shiva sticks are expensive, but this shows that even one stick can be used to create a great effect. It was a delight to teach such enthusiastic artists.

Queen Mary 2


We recently had the most wonderful journey on the Queen Mary 2 from Sydney to Southampton England. But how could any quilt addict survive 35 days without her sewing machine? Of course the answer is “She can’t! So sewing machine and table went too.

Actually I was preparing for my solo exhibition at Timeless Textiles in Newcastle so I really had to do some work. So, much to my husband’s horror, I took over the table tennis table and cut out some bindings and trimmed a quilt. (He really should be used to me sewing anywhere and everywhere)

stateroom sewing

We had them take out the coffee table from our suite and set up my sew ezy and machine and I could sew to my heart’s content.Cruising and sewing. My idea of heaven!

Australia Wide Three


This is the quilt I have in the Ozquilt Network’s
Australia Wide Three
juried touring justify.

Each quilt was to be 40cm x 40cm
and show the working style of each artist.

AUSTRALIA WIDE THREE , continues on tour until 30 June 2014 to the following venues:



At FibreWorks Yvonne is a spinner and weaver so we spent three wonderful days dyeing kilometres of commercial yarn.


First Yvonne made a warp from
a cone of commercial merino wool.

Then we spread the wool across two tables and spooned on many colours of dyes (from Ausrtalia!).


The wool was then wrapped in plastic and left for two days.


Then Yvonne skeined the wet wool.

The dyed wool was then dried on Arbutus tree branches..

IMG_4085 copy_edited-1

When the dyed wool was removed from the rinse bucket,
there was still a lot of dye in the water so Yvonne
dyed locally grown alpaca to the softest shades.
This was then also dried on the Arbutus branches.

Surface Design Meeting

Yesterday I was invited to the Sunshine Coast Surface Design group meeting. First we were treated to a tour of Gail’s amazing house with spectacular views which they have built mostly with recycled materials. One highlight was the rooftop vegie garden on top of her studio!

Following a healthy (but very nice) pot luck lunch we had discussions on ways to present our work in different ways to show it off to its full potential.

Today I am back at the yurts.